CBD Oil For Allergies: Is it Effective?

Who doesn’t like spending time in nature? Obviously everyone. But what if this serene atmosphere makes you ill? Yes, you heard it right! More than 15% of the population experience allergies caused by a variety of factors. But it’s not the humans alone. The same condition causes a lot of stress in pets as well. 

While many allergy medications are available, their side effects are pretty gruesome and addictive. This is why individuals and pet owners are taking the CBD route to manage allergies and their associated symptoms. 

But is it even helpful? Keep reading, and you’ll find out!

CBD Oil For Allergies- Helpful or Not?

When it comes to allergies, the overactive immune system is the primary cause. And studies confirm that CBD has a role to play in regulating the immune system. In fact, it helps to lower the number of histamines, thus reducing the allergy symptoms significantly. 

A study showed that CBD prevents the cells from releasing histamines. Thus, it reduces itching, sneezing, and other allergy-related symptoms. 

Various research studies and anecdotal evidence confirm its healing properties. Nowadays, more attention is towards cannabis’s close cousin, hemp oil. Since there is no THC involved, the chances of euphoria go down to minimal. 

But another study confirmed that one of the terpenes found in cannabis helps allergies by acting as a bronchodilator, inflammation regulating, and muscle relaxing agent. This is why full-spectrum CBD products are so much in demand. 

It’s like CBD (hemp/cannabis source) is acting like an elixir for the treatment of a variety of conditions, including allergies. That’s great, isn’t it?


But how does CBD help in managing allergies? It helps by:

  • Reducing nasal pressure
  • Alleviating painful symptoms 
  • Releasing nasal passages
  • Reducing mucus or congestion
  • Inducing sleep and calming effects


Its Role in Managing Allergies in Pets

There are many reasons that your pet suffers from an allergy. It could be seasonal, food, air borne, prescription medications, flea, or many more. 

Surprisingly, CBD oil also has a role in preventing allergic symptoms in pets as well. Various research studies confirm that using cbd for dog allergies is beneficial since it helps ease pain because of the swelling or soreness naturally. 

Not only that, it helps to relieve stress and anxiety symptoms in dogs living with this condition. Also, it helps in relieving itchiness in dogs, thus acts as a handy solution to relieve any discomfort. 


How to Find The Best CBD Products to Relieve Allergic Conditions?

There is no regulation on CBD products as of now. That’s why you must opt for hemp-sourced products. That way, you can avoid the intoxicating THC by all means. Also, make sure to opt for products that provide third-party testing certificates. By doing so, you can ensure the quality of the product. 


Wrapping Up

CBD oil is quite effective in managing a lot of conditions in humans and dogs. Its therapeutic potency is significant enough to take care of your day-to-day needs. However, you must make sure to use hemp oil instead of CBD oil sourced from cannabis to avoid any euphoric effects. 

You can drop the contents on your tongue through a dropper, wait, and then swallow. In the case of pets, you can give them food, drop the contents in their favorite treats, or make them eat as it is by dropping the contents in their mouth. 

Just make sure to use the correct dosage for better results. 

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